Rotring newton fountain pen review

When I first laid eyes on the rOtring brand, I knew that I would likely be sucked in, primarily within the series. The unique design and styling are classic, yet modern and timeless enough to be intriguing well into the coming years.

This particular model, the rollerball which also shares a body style as a fountain pen versionwas one that I knew someday would be joining my arsenal. We had intentions of making a trade, but I'm not sure Peter is wanting to give it up so easily! Peter gave me a bit of back story about this pen and let me know that he bought it in as his first "real" pen and he carried it daily for several years. Based on his current collection, I'd say this pen has a lasting sting in a good way which has lead him down the path many of us are on with pens I can absolutely see why!

Peter's pen has a bit of wear and tear from his daily use as it should! In all honesty, I'm not sure if I've ever used a pen that makes you feel more fantastic. For one, it has a super cool look, especially in the matte black. With the cool hexagonal barrel, this thing looks more like a gadget a spy would use than it does a pen.

Did someone leave their Stealth Bomber on my desk by accident?

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The single red ring at the top lets you know, "this is a rOtring", and is in just the perfect amount. When you finally get your hands on one of these, you think to yourself, "why have we not been acquainted sooner? I could probably pause and say, amazing, again. Still pausing The rOtring rollerball is weighty and solidly built. Its substance takes you a bit by surprise, but it is not uncomfortable.

Lets just say it feels like quality. The barrel and cap are made of solid brass.As many of you know, I have a bit of a rOtring obsession and I'd say I spend more time looking at this brand than most.

My collection has grown over the past several months and I've learned a few things along the way not only about the brand, but how I go about buying these pens. Now, I don't claim to be an expert on all things rOtring, but I hope to provide some perspective about what I do know and what I look for. For you, you'll need to decide what pen or pens Also, which model or finish do you find most appealing? This is where some education will come in handy to help understand a bit more about the brand as it can be very confusing and expensive.

Oh, and perhaps it would be good to set yourself a budget The title "" gets thrown around a lot in the rOtring world on eBay, blogs, forums, and they aren't always correct in this. Now, as I mentioned on The Pen Addict Podcast a couple months ago, I won't go to the lengths of correcting someone that may classify a rOtring by the incorrect model I'm guilty of this in the past as wellbut this post is a good place to speak to it without calling anyone out. A true rOtring has knurling on the grip as well as the cap if it has one and has a twist dial for denoting the nib size, ink refill color, or lead hardness on pencils.

If you see a pen or pencil that does not have knurling, then it technically is not a In the late 90's, rOtring went through some changes in ownership and the "new rOtring" started offering a line of pens and pencils called the Newton series. These instruments had the hexagonal barrels like the s, but no knurling, were slightly smaller, and had either gloss or chrome accents on the cap or knock.

Some people refer to these as "" Newtons. The Newton also went through a second revision which softened the barrel shape and changed the cap to have an angled connection.

I'm not going to spend a lot of time in this area, but thought I'd bring it up. Unless you're specifically building a collection, I'd say sticking with the current lineup will do you just fine. I personally don't own any "vintage" pencils.

rotring newton fountain pen review

As the vintage fountain pens seem to be the hottest rOtring items on the market for the brand, I'll stick with these for this section. Heck, we might even dabble in the rollerball and ballpoint as well. There are a few different models and finishes to consider with the discontinued rOtring fountain pens, but we'll stick with the main ones: knurled series, Newton First Generationand Lava finish.

I'm going to save the Lava for it's own section belowI could go on about how I still have my original 0. As an Accountant I needed a writing instrument that would write clearly so I could put little numbers in little boxes.

A Look at the Special Edition Red, Green, & Blue rOtring 600s

This is before MS Excel and all its predecessors. Prior to using Rotring I used Pentel mechanical pencils, like most accountants. These did the job pretty well. It was made of metal and not plastic. I originally used the Rotring with. I eventually moved up to the. They all feel very good. Good heft and good writing.

But the writing also depends on the lead. Luckily, Amazon Japan was incredibly easy to work with, and shipped super fast. Click through the slideshow below, and join me underneath for further discussion of these pencils. All three colors look great. We ordered all three as 0. Compared to the vintage pencil, the most obvious difference is that the new pencils have a hole in the top of their eraser caps. Under the hood, the differences are a bit more clear, and I was actually unable to remove the front end from the mechanism on the new pencils even though I was able to on the vintage pencil, but the mechanism itself worked great on both.

There is a language selection option on the top bar of the webpage on a desktop, or in the side menu on mobile, that allows you to view the page in English. This was particularly instrument made for me in setting things up.

The page will do its best to translate your search terms to Japanese.Levenger got in touch a few weeks back and offered up a choice of a few pens to review. It took me no time at all to figure out which one I wanted, the L-Tech Stealth. The L-Tech draws some heavy inspiration from the now-discontinued Rotring line. The L-Tech has a faceted barrel, lots of angles, and to top it all off, a knurled grip. The L-Tech came in pretty standard gift box.

It was nothing too crazy, but it did a nice job of keeping the pen safe in transit. Some cool blacked out steal packaging would be cool too, but it would only drive up the cost of the pen for something that most people discard or immediately put into storage.

Rotring 400 Fountain Pen

The L-Tech Stealth is a great looking pen. The mix of matte and gloss black adds dimension and gives the pen some character. The tail section of the pen, the clip, the grip and top of the cap are all high gloss. The 7-sided body is like a beefed up Rotring with an extra side. Understated, but it matches the look and feel of the pen as a whole.

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This phenomenon is when the nib of the pen curves inwards to the slit in the nib, making a flawed writing surface which gives the nib a hard time putting ink down on the page. I did some adjusting and smoothing of the nib with micromesh and it helped out quite a bit.

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The steel nib is pretty smooth. The included converter works like it should, bonus points for including it with the pen. The L-Tech is a solidly constructed pen that has some real heft in hand. The pen has a great weight and balance when writing with unposted.

Rotring Newton Fountain Pen Review

The size is also ideal for my average sized hands. The added girth is welcomed, as the Rotring is on the thinner side. An improvement over the Rotring is that the Levenger has a screw on cap that lines up nearly perfectly. If you do not want to hunt down or pay an exorbitant price for a Rotringthen this is your pen. Construction is solid, and it feels great in hand. The L-Tech pulls heavy inspiration from Rotring, but it in no way a knock-off.As announced on my Instagram feedfeel free to follow if you'd like the upcoming week will be dedicated to a brand that I've grown extremely fond of, rOtring.

I've done a couple of other rOtring reviews on The Clicky Post of the series rollerball and lava series ballpoint both discontinued models and am looking forward to a blend of both old and new over the next week.

Stay tuned and check back often as it's going to be fun. To start us off, this is a model I've had my sights set on for some time. Along the lines of the rollerball, the discontinued series ballpoint with the knurled grip love knurling was very high on my list.

Probably tied as a sort of rOtring "Holy Grail" for me with the rollerball and I'm so happy to have picked this pen up. The barrel, made of brass, has a solid heft and feels good and sturdy in your hand. Even with the slimmer barrel of the ballpoint pens, it doesn't distract from the feeling of quality due to the nice weight. It doesn't feel heavy on either end and is just about the right length and only extends about an inch and a half past the fleshy part of my hand between my thumb and index finger.

Rotring Newton Trio

One cool feature although kind of geeky about this particular ballpoint is the ability to twist the knurled section right below the knock which acts as an ink color indicator. You can select between red, blue, black, and green Ana from The Well-Appointed Desk would love the green With blue being my go-to ink choice almost always, that is where it has been set since having the pen.

Although, it would be nice to own four of these - one for each ink possibility I swapped out the proprietary refill with a Schmidt EasyFlowalthough I wasn't overly disappointed in the quality of the included refill. In the upcoming week I will include a sample of the rOtring refill although likely also made by Schmidt for comparison. The knock of the knurled has a very nice stiff click to it.

Not overly loud nor quiet, but is very responsive. I'm going to assume that the click is quieter actually due to the black finish on the pen. It is a matte, bead blasted type finish that muffles the sound of the knock against the barrel a bit. The silver rOtring ballpoints have a chrome or more metallic knock which produces a different sound. And of course, the iconic series has the hexagonal barrel which we love so much.

I love the look of this pen.I love the German Bauhaus, utilitarian aesthetic. Braun, Junghans, those kinds of brands have built timeless, minimalist products that I covet. I would put r0tring in that list, too. And, although it makes no sense, I really lust after a fountain pen. Like this. Thanks, Ed Jelley. Why does it make no sense? Boy was I wrong. Rotring more or less kept the hexagonal shape of thebut inexplicably introduced not only a few blingy little details, but also a diagonal slash at each end of the barrel.

This has a few implications for comfort, but it also means the snap cap only fits on the barrel one way, whether to close or post the pen.

Bizarrely, instead of a conventional screw-off section, the converter is accessed by unscrewing a knob at the end of the pen,where a piston knob would be. This releases the section.

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The Newton is uncomfortable. It basically looks like the Caran No Rotring knurling in sight. And posting only makes that worse. The small steel nib is a medium, with no breather hole.

It is a nail. And it is not particularly pleasant to write with. I would happily pick any other pen in my pen case — including the Pilot Prera — for writing pleasure over this one.

The Newton looks OK, although I find it a bit shiny and cheap-looking. But where other Rotrings are as simple as they can be to be functional, the Newton has unnecessary details and flourishes, yet fails at the basics of being a fountain pen: being filled, being held, writing words on paper.

Sorry to hear of this disappointing experience. I am sure that we have all made a few regrettable purchases.The Rotring Newton is often confused with the older, more desirable Rotring Both are great pens and they are remarkably alike, but they are distinctly different models and while the Newton echoes the design of the it is not a Rotring Does any of this matter though?

Are we just splitting hairs?

rotring newton fountain pen review

Or is there a real difference between the Rotring and the Newton pens. The original model is the Rotringwhich was first released in This was later followed up by the Newton family. The is distinctive for its hexagonal brass body and knurling, the former of which the Newton has and the latter of which is missing. Some differences are distinctive to the specific writing instruments as well.

For example the Newton has a conical tip on the mechanical pencil and ballpoint pen, where the models use a cylindrical pipe. At the end of the day the two are quite similar and the Newton is an excellent writing instrument. That said, they are different models and the Rotring remains the iconic original and it demands a higher price tag.

rotring newton fountain pen review

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