Lenovo i7 8550u laptop

This means that you can customize the business notebook to fit your personal needs.

Ideapad 330 (15, Intel)

The secondary battery, which can be added to the main internal battery, is a special feature here. We will focus in greater detail on other hardware configurations in other sections of our review. We will also pay close attention to the differences to the predecessor T At the same time, we will also take a look at the similarly new and somewhat more refined Tswhich has two times the RAM and an almost identical hardware configuration.

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You can learn more about the case in our review of the predecessor model. The manufacturer relies on a black case with a seemingly rubberized surface. This is why the device is very easy to hold.

Lenovo IdeaPad 330-17IKB (i7-8550U, GeForce MX150) Laptop Review

However, this makes the laptop very susceptible to smudges. The chassis is made of rough plastic and is therefore very rigid. The keyboard area does not exhibit a lot of flex, either.

Nevertheless, the chassis is not completely torsion-resistant. When we apply pressure to it, the chassis makes creaking and popping sounds, especially at the right-hand edge where the fingerprint sensor is located. The hinges have no problem holding the display lid in a set position and have an opening angle of degrees. Best Displaysfor University Students. The display lid is very thin, which makes it look great.

But this comes at the cost of rigidity. That a display lid can be bent should come as no surprise. However, in this case, bending the display lid even slightly results in ugly halos at the edges of the screen.

lenovo i7 8550u laptop

Our suspicion is that the thin display suffers from screen-bleeding and that backlight bleeding becomes severely exacerbated when the display is bent. The underside reveals one of the special features of the T An external battery can be added to an internal battery at the back of the device. However, adding an external battery increases the thickness of an otherwise thin device by 1 cm or 10 mm at the battery slot. The Lenovo ThinkPad T still does not offer a maintenance hatch.

When it comes to the dimensions, the ThinkPad T is almost identical to its predecessor T The somewhat more expensive Ts is a few millimeters smaller and thinner than the standard T That being said, most competitors come with similar dimensions. Measuring the weight is not that easy, though, because the additional battery has quite an impact on the overall weight of the device.

The relatively high overall weight of 1. Here all other competing devices weigh at least grams 0. Removing the external battery reduces the weight of the device to grams 3. This significantly narrows the weight gap between the T and the competition. People who can forgo a secondary battery will benefit greatly from the lower weight of the device without an additional battery, especially so when they are out and about.Thus, the affordable budget ThinkPad played its part as a traditional multimedia notebook.

This transition from notebook to Ultrabook is one of the most significant overhauls in the From a design perspective, the transformation from notebook to Ultrabook has most certainly paid off.

The black case is significantly slimmer and more compact than before, thanks to its narrower display bezels. The smaller model was more rigid around the keyboard where the E shows a little bit of flex. That said, it does require more force than is normally applied to the keyboard when typing.

The base warped slightly under torsional forces, and just like on the E the display lid is even more flexible. Intense force applied to the back of the display lid results in visible distortions on the panel itself. The E is much better in this regard, but unfortunately it is still not perfect. The area between the base and the palm rest was palpable and somewhat sharp-edged.

The display is secured by a single wide mono drop hinge. Unlike the smaller E-series ThinkPads it cannot be opened one-handed. In general, the hinge did a great job of holding the display safely in place. Best Displaysfor University Students. Among its The E is much easier to handle than the E thanks to its slimmer and lighter case.

The similarities to the E continue in terms of connectivity. Port availability and port distribution are identical on both models. According to the specification sheet, the USB 3. Either the data sheet is wrong or we ran into compatibility issues with our adapter.

The DisplayPort would be sorely missed if it turned out to be a mistake instead of an incompatibility issue. While in theory UHD x is possible, it is limited to 30 Hz. Port distribution is almost perfect. Our only gripe is the USB 2. It was not the fastest, but fortunately also not the slowest either. Our expectations regarding the built-in microphones and laptop webcams hit rock bottom a long time ago, and the E did nothing to dig us out of this trench: decent enough for video calls, but that is about it.

Given its affordable nature, the E has only a limited selection of security features, among others a TPM chip and a touch fingerprint reader that is located above the ThinkPad logo, which worked very fast and reliably. There are no additional accessories included in the box besides the mandatory power brick.

The bottom cover can be removed after undoing a total of nine screws and countless plastic hooks.Home Search Results: "iu". Sold by Newegg. ON OFF. Any Category. Gaming Laptops. Show More. Acer America. LG Electronics.

Lenovo Canada. Like New. Deus PC. Apollo Premium Electronics.

Lenovo ThinkPad X280 Review And Benchmark -- Intel Core i7-8550U

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Lenovo Yoga 730 2-in-1 Laptop: Core i7-8550U, 15.6" Full HD Touch Display, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD

Intel Core i7 8th Gen.Innovation meets design on this versatile 2-in Working hand-in-hand with Dolby, we created the word's first speakers that fit into a convertible hinge via a rotating sound bar, delivering powerful immersive sound in every mode.

Dolby Atmos delivers breathtaking, three-dimensional audio that flows above and around you with depth and precision.

Combining two sets of speakers - featuring powerful down-firing woofers, custom tweeters, and unique vibration buffers that reduce unwanted noise - your audio will sound bigger, deeper, and more accurate. Experience brighter brights, darker blacks, and colors never before seen on standard displays—the true red of an English double-decker bus, or the sharp blue of a summer sky.

By shifting components, we were able to edge the screen with razor-thin 4. Designed to be equally stylish in every position, the Yoga C is crafted from premium aluminum with high-precision drills and polished twice for a luxurious feel.

Available in contemporary colors of Iron Grey or, for the first time ever, in modern Mica. We've heard from you that keeping track of a digital pen can be a pain.

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With a garaged pen included that fits flush into the chassis, you won't have to worry about looking for your pen when you need it. The Yoga C ensures you'll be able to capture your thoughts the moment they occur because it charges while in its compartment and is ready to go.

With its 4, points of pressure sensitivity in the tip of the pen, it provides the natural feel of a pen-on-paper experience, with twice the accuracy of competitors' pens. Webcam fright. Everyone's had it. It's the split second when you wonder if your camera is truly off—or if the people on your conference call have seen you in your pajamas.

With the Yoga C's convenient TrueBlock Privacy Shutter, you won't need sticky notes or kids stickers to cover your camera. You care about privacy—and we heard you. Patience is overrated—sometimes you just want it done.

So you'll have a system engineered for powerful responsiveness and speed in a razor-thin convertible. Need a playlist that will wake you up, but not quite ready to get out from under the covers? Say the word with voice assistant Cortana.

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Click here to view guide. Log in to your laptop in less than two seconds with the fingerprint reader — that's 3x faster than the average time it takes to type in a password. Enabled with Windows Helloit's the fastest, most secure way to sign into Windows devices without a password.

Dimensions W x D x H Products ship within the same business day excl. Limited quantities are available. Software and accessories will be shipped separately and may have a different estimated ship date.

For a limited time, pay the same price as Lenovo employees on select. For a limited time, pay the same price as Lenovo employees on this. Save up to on.That said, dedicated GPUs are available optionally at best and due to the business and office focus of ThinkPads, Lenovo only uses low end chips. Still, we managed to get a hold of a Ts with a dedicated graphics chip as our test device. For more information regarding case, features and peripherals we would like to refer you to the other test of the Ts.

Update Best Displaysfor University Students. All displays used in T series notebooks are matte. Sadly this display is not used here, since it would have made for an interesting comparison.

lenovo i7 8550u laptop

The installed LG panel is of interest nonetheless, being a good example of series deviation. Though it is the same display according to model number, as with all displays no LCD panel is identical to another, variance is unavoidable. So the deviation is in line with the specifications.

While brightness is deviates downward, the contrast is minimally better at compared to of our other Ts. The difference is minimal and with a display in this price range we would have hoped for or more — making contrast not just good but great. Still, subjectively the impression of the display is excellent, concerning both color accuracy and sharpness. We were able to notice a slight green tint ex-factory.

This deviation can be fixed through calibration, as usual the ICC profile we created is available as a free download. Here, the built-in panel comes in slightly lower at This way the panel is still suitable for semiprofessional image processing. Only direct sunlight would require an even brighter display. If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 5 - maximum: Hz was measured.

As is typical for IPS displays, viewing angles are great. As mentioned in the introduction, the Nvidia GeForce MX is exclusively available in one model through the Lenovo campus program, the one we are testing today. If a dGPU is not needed, more options are available. Ordering from Lenovo offers custom configuration, other vendors sell pre-configured builds.

For regular customers the Ts begins at around 1. Instead, the ThinkPad has a single M. The highest capacity Lenovo offers at this time is 1 TB. Additionally you can choose between an infrared camera for Windows Hello and a p webcam with a ThinkShutter camera cover. It has a turbo boost frequency of 4 GHz and a base frequency of 1.

The lower priced Ts performed terrifically, setting a new performance record in the multi core test for the installed Intel Core iU. Therefore we were excited for the results of the Core iU. At first glance, the outcome is surprising, since the Core iUthough nominally faster, performs about the same as the Core iU.Take one step down from the flagship Lenovo Yoga series and you have the mainstream Lenovo IdeaPad series.

The IdeaPad series itself is further divided into the budget series, mid-range series, and the mid-upper-range series. Our test unit today is the bottom-of-the-barrel IdeaPad 17 aimed at users who want to spend as little as possible on a no-frills reliable laptop.

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Even at its best, however, our review will show why the system still manages to fall short when compared to the competition. The Lenovo IdeaPad is the direct successor to the IdeaPad and it competes directly with other budget The chassis is plastic from top to bottom in stark contrast to the carbon fiber or aluminum alloy materials of higher-end models. The lid exhibits moderate flexing, the base creaks slightly when twisting its edges, and the hinge teeters more than we would like.

This all contributes to the overall budget impression of the laptop.

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To Lenovo's defense, these characteristics are common on inexpensive laptops and so the IdeaPad 17 isn't trying to break any new ground here. On the other hand, we're disappointed to not see any notable gen-to-gen improvements in terms of rigidity or quality. We find the system to feel just slightly better than the Pavilion One particular aspect we can appreciate is that the matte silver surfaces are great at hiding fingerprints.

The palm rests and keyboard center are also relatively rigid and resistant to flexing in contrast to the lid. Build quality is otherwise excellent on our unit with no unintended gaps or crevices between materials. Best Displaysfor University Students. We attribute this to the thick bezels of the system that appear to be even wider than other inexpensive We're surprised by how heavy the system is considering the ample amount of unused empty space inside.

Port positioning, however, is a mixed bag because all ports are positioned along the left edge. DisplayPort over USB does not appear to be supported. The DVD drive on the right edge can be easily removed with a screwdriver. While convenient, it's too bad that there is no quick and official way to swap in a secondary 2.

lenovo i7 8550u laptop

A fully inserted SD card still protrudes by over half its length. We recommend removing the card before transporting the laptop. Unlike the 2x2 Intel on newer Ultrabooks, this 1x1 module offers just one-fourth the maximum transfer rate Mbps vs.

This thankfully does not impact day-to-day web browsing or streaming and we didn't experience any connectivity issues during our time with the unit. The bottom panel requires a Philips screwdriver and a sharp edge to remove.Streamline your day.

Rapid Charge, any time Running out of battery and short on time?

lenovo i7 8550u laptop

Windows 10 keeps getting better Leverage the best of Windows 10, with a new update packed with exciting features. The powerfully reimagined Photos app makes it easier—and more fun—to tell your story in video: add a soundtrack, use transitions, deploy 3D effects, and more.

And sharing is quicker than ever, with intuitive settings that making it easier to instantly connect with the people you care about most. We are committed to providing an uncluttered desktop and a safer PC experience out of the box.

Our preload contains just five hand-selected applications designed to increase your productivity. Products ship within the same business day excl. Limited quantities are available. Software and accessories will be shipped separately and may have a different estimated ship date.

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Show savings:. Stacked with premium processing and advanced graphics options, the Ideapad is as powerful as it is easy to use.

Find a Reseller. Sorry, this product is no longer available Unfortunately the "Ideapad 15" is no longer available, may we suggest:. Offerings vary by configuration. Add to cart. The purchase quantity of the product has reached the upper limit. Wrong Input. All rights reserved. USB Type-C 3.

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